Next phase: Let the writing begin!

I had a wonderful meeting with my POS committee this past Monday. The faculty were very helpful in giving me suggestions on how to make my research even better than my proposal.  I am working on the following:

  • Epistemology: Subjectivism – using this instead of constructivism – I seem to have partnered with constructivism – and considering I am doing autoethnography – subjectivism makes logical sense to use for my epistemology.
  • External data: Why am I doing a survey – when I could have conversations with significant people about certain experiences?
  • Advice: Do not be afraid of writing, getting rid of it and rewriting again

I have begun re-writing the first three chapters – as well as developing a guide for when I start to write my autoethnography.  I will have a transcript of the entire meeting available for the committee.