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Designed to Engage   Designed to Engage PDF Share Log in to Recommend by Diana Oblinger Published on Monday, September 15, 20140 Comments In a world that is both online and face-to-face, engagement is not an either-or proposition—it is about how to blend the best of both worlds to engage stakeholders. Many institutions begin by creating a …

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Edudemic: What Does Gamification Look Like In Classrooms?

By Katie Lepi on July 20, 2014 ( Using games or game play elements in the classroom to drive learning outcomes is sill gaining popularity. Though most teachers aren’t ready to embrace bringing serious games like Minecraft into their classrooms, many are willing to gamify learning or use other types of games. That said, getting …

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Identifying and Addressing the Mental Health Needs of Online Students in Higher Education

  Online Journal of Distance Learning Administration Bonny Barr Creighton University This paper outlines how institutions of higher learning can prepare faculty to identify mental health needs of online students and suggests effective administrative policies and programs to address these student needs. More…

Internet in Real Time

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Ideas for QuickChallenges

Love this idea from Teaching with Technology – POD SIG: We are beginning to crowdsource a series of “QuickChallenges,” activities designed to help instructors and faculty developers Become familiar with a tool, Learn a way it could be used, and Create a usable learning object or a sample assignment. Our hope is that groups of …

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You’re bad at WoW, and so am I by Olivia Grace Feb 17th 2014 at 3:00PM

Blizzard Community Manager Lore recently posted a brief reply in an excellent thread, which brought up a topic I’ve wanted to address for some time: how it’s OK to suck sometimes. While I’m not going to copy his two posts here, he talks about arenas, discussing how, when he and his team lose, he looks …

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Mark Bilandzic’s Thesis: The Embodied Hybrid Space – Designing Social and Digital Interventions to Facilitate Connected Learning in Coworking Spaces   Abstract Coworking spaces are shared spaces for people to pursue work and other interest-driven activities. The core challenge of coworking spaces is to facilitate their users’ need for connected learning and networking opportunities to nourish creativity, inspiration and innovation. The objective of this thesis is to deliver design solutions for social and ubiquitous …

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The Gamification of Education

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The Connected Age

What’d you think of @avantgame‘s session? Here’s a link to the animated video you saw before the session: #EDU13 — EDUCAUSE (@educause) October 17, 2013  

Beyond Letter Grades — an online course – BRILLIANT!