Call for Submissions: Voices for Social Justice in Education: A Literary Anthology

Call for Submissions:Voices for Social Justice in Education: A Literary Anthology
Editors: Julie Landsman, Rosanna Salcedo, & Paul Gorski

Deadline for submissions: Midnight, January 15th, 2014

What we are looking for: Poetry (including spoken word), creative non-fiction, memoir, short stories, images of visual art, and other types of writing or visual art that paint a picture of what justice and injustice look like in our schools.

Please read this Call for Submissions in full and, if you choose to submit one more manuscripts, email them as Word documents, following the specifications below, to:

Project Description and Guidelines
The use of narratives in examining issues related to equity and social justice is a central component of many of the critical theories that drive scholarship and practice in social justice education today. Many readers respond more openly to, and are able to connect with the experiences of, individual people when they read their stories rather than reading only traditional scholarship about multicultural or social justice concepts. It is through narrative, through the organic voices of marginalized people, that stories—often called “counter-stories”—emerge in response to the dominant narratives that paint marginalized groups as deficient or unworthy.
The editors of this anthology intend to assemble a broad and diverse collection of writing by people who are, or have been, in the field of education as students, teachers, administrators, parents, counselors, or in any other capacity; by people who will draw in readers, engage their imaginations, and help them see how educational inequities and social injustice affect individuals, viscerally, rather than theoretically, raising consciousness about these issues, and inspiring hope for change.
Guidelines and Specifications for Contributors:
(1) Poets may submit up to 5 poems at once
(2) Prose writers may submit up to 15 pages
a) Times New Roman 12-pt font
b) Double-spaced
(3) Images of visual art should be submitted in .pdf or .jpg format
(4) Include author/artist name(s) and email address(es) on each piece submitted
(5) Remember, we are looking for work explicitly about education and schools, so great work about social justice that is not explicitly relevant to education schools will not be considered

Please feel free to share this Call for Submissions widely!