Dr, Ladson-Billings

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The Paper Chase

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

Each person has a transformational moment. Something happened in their lives that made them think, “you know what…? this is not how life should be…” I cannot teach people how to create a transition — they have to find it themselves… Teaching people how to make mistakes, but be reflective enough to learn from the mistakes. There is an atmosphere of performance you have to follow…
The academy is different than the one I started in… It is not about getting a job – it is determining what your work is… this is what my work is… do you think i could do my work here? If they fire me tomorrow — I will still have work… the work is… really kind of synergistic for me – it is what keeps me up at night – what wakes me up in the morning… and if you settle — you will be mediocre – there are some institutions that are mediocrity.
Take what you want, and make what you get.
How do we decide the categories in society – why isn’t it language? We use skin colour hair colour and things that do not really fit.