First and foremost, I am human – as far as I am aware… If you find out different – just message me.

In second grade (1976), Mrs. Hanson had me step out of the classroom and join a program utilizing computers as its primary teaching tool. Whether or not she recognized that my learning was excelled with the use of a different resource than other students I do not know. I do know I learned better by seeing, doing and interacting with the very small group of students within the skill program. She knew that the “banking” form of education did not help me prosper and learn from the courses. I continued within the program until seventh grade, and then I was thrust back into the repetitive regurgitation of information.

I have had an online presence since playing talkers/MUDDs in 1993, to serving as a Game Administrator from 2006-2007… I am a World of Warcraft community member, and an avid XBOX Live player.. (yeah, I know you thought everyone who played games was under the age of 30…).

From a social justice perspective, I recognize from my experiences that I have lived a privileged life. My knowledge has been gained from an educational system based upon the dominant culture. While at my undergraduate institution, I learned that my perspectives were not those of others. I consistently challenged the status quo to remember everyone and not just themselves (dominant culture).

Finding your voice and having the opportunity to use it to help make things change within the environment is a challenge. No easy task for an educator to take on the status quo. Being a university administrator, you are consistently challenged on the fine line of what is good for the students, and the way it is done on campus. Although, one would think they are the same thing, often times it is not the case. Being forthright in your own system of values and knowing the process to get them heard is half of the battle.

My passion is technology. The way in which it can be used for learning, collaborating, creating, developing, connecting, and teaching. The way in which it will level the field for all — if the dominant culture could only let go…