Ideas for QuickChallenges

Love this idea from Teaching with Technology – POD SIG:

We are beginning to crowdsource a series of “QuickChallenges,” activities designed to help instructors and faculty developers

  • Become familiar with a tool,
  • Learn a way it could be used, and
  • Create a usable learning object or a sample assignment.

Our hope is that groups of 2-3 POD members will collaborate to fill out the template we provide. The document will then go through a peer review. The final product will be posted on this site, where it will be available to the public.

  1. Create a survey with a Google Form
  2. Make a comic with Pixton
  3. Draw a concept map with
  4. Record a poem with SoundCloud
  5. Make a mashup with Popcorn Maker
  6. Create a map with Google Maps
  7. Mash up two images with PhotoShop
  8. Build an Ignite presentation with PowerPoint
  9. Make a video with Animoto
  10. Make an interactive poster with Glogster
  11. Build a word cloud with Wordle
  12. Create a time line with Tiki-Toki

The tools suggested above could be replaced with others. There’s also no reason we couldn’t make two versions of the same challenge for competing tools.