Group Dialogue: Speaking Broadly about Education

Speaking broadly about education, what do you think all students should learn?
To be good to each other
To share
To create
To collaborate
To learn knowledge
To develop knowledge
To grow
To be oneself
To listen
To reflect
To be…

What is the dream of education you seek to realize?
To be…
I think the greatest challenge in my life is to know I will always “be” and who and what I am should always be authentic. To not be someone I am not… To be true to myself and oneself…

Who in your life has fostered this learning?
My mother — teaching me to always learn from others, and to always strive to learn new things about myself
Ms. Hooley, 6th grade teacher, taught me I have paths to choose from — to be a positive leader or to be a negative leader
The people I have been surrounded by as I was learning… and knowing I would be something more one day