Inglewood Riot discussion

Black / Brown conflict at Inglewood High School erupted after a Cinco de Mayo event near Los Angeles. It was described as a racial riot. The conflict does not include any gang members, no Crips, no Bloods, just normal students attending school. Later this racial conflict would eventually include gang members too.

Mexicans walked out on Black History Month assembly in February 1990 so the Black students decided to walk out of a Cinco de Mayo event on campus. A fight broke out and the black students accused the Mexicans for calling them niggers…
A Black gang member tells why he is disappointed with the growing Mexican population in several traditionally Black neighborhoods of Los Angeles. He threatens violence against Mexicans who show racist attitudes against Black residents.

Laura Diaz also interviews T. Rodgers, Charlene Lovett, and Alex Alonso about this growing tension in Los Angeles.

Air date: February 2007
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