Just in a different place…

i just really believe i am at a different place — i am not saying i know better or worse than someone else… i think that is okay — however, calling someone a scapegoat is … beyond frustrating… for me… as a person…

i think for anyone to make the assumption that they are all knowing about this subject is ignorant to the injustice that is everywhere and not just in one location…

my social identity
my world is different than other people’s world
my view is not wrong or right it is just unique

i would not have taken a year and a half off to find myself through self-preservation, and self-reflection, to come back and be patronized — I am not weaker — I am not a lone wolf — I am a humanist… i exist in the world around me.

because they may be in a different role than myself
or their life experiences are different — that they are “superior” to me…
you know?

we have not spoken about disabilities you know?
so, when i have my lens — that people do not know — my story when it comes to mental disabilities — being diagnosed as borderline personality disorder

or — have i ever been oppressed? yes, sexually — i have been — gender, i have been —

i am white, i am privileged
assuming that i have not experienced oppression whether it was from me or from someone else…

assuming that i would take an easy route out of a discussion is incorrect — i see the intersection on how everything impacts everyone — how power plays a role, how privilege, knowledge, race, gender, sexuality, everything… you know?

it is just… holy shit?
mind fuck
and so on… it is tough for me to just settle and say this is the hierarchy that exists…

who validates it?
who decides it?
who makes it happen?
who determines what needs to happen when?
why is it that — my world is this way? and yours is that way?
how is it fair?