Peobeus Discussion: The Beginning of CRT

Dr. Leigh’s discussion

Derrick Bell, University of New York

Richard Delgado
Kimberly Crenshaw
William Tate
Author’s for next week
William H. Watkins, University of Illinois
“The White Architects of Black Education: Idealogy and Power in America 1865-1954”
Did we find anything challenging?
Terms & Constructs
What does the term pedagogy mean to you?
  • The method in which I teach others
  • method of teaching
What does the term epistemology mean to you?
  • The way in which I know — method of knowing
What is Hegemony?
  • Ruling/Authority
  • Dominant Narrative
  • Power/Controlling
  • Deemed Normative
  • Never-ending
Stock Story
Grand Narratives
Majoritarian Stories
Dominant Ideas
Ideas diffused through and infiltrated in society

“Hegemony supposes the existence of something which is truly total, which is not merely secondary or superstructural… but what is lived at such a depth, which saturates the society to such an extend, and which… even constitutes the substance and limit of common sense for most people under its sway, that it corresponds to the reality of social experience…” (Williams, 1980, p. 37 as cited in Martusewicz & Reynolds, 1994, p. 71).

What do you know about Critical Theory?
  • Challenge the status quo
  • Power and dominance
  • Oppressed and the oppressor
  • Marxist Philosophy — economic base and means and production || hierarchy of production || socioeconomic class
  • Exposing power relationships, dominance and injustices
  • Reproduction Theory: The way our relationships are set-up – we will continue to have the system
  • Resistance Theory
  • Critical Theory Spin-offs: Feminist THeory || Critical Legal Studies || Critical Race Theory || Black Feminist Thought || Queer Theory