Project: What do we need to carry it out?

I will be developing an art piece available for online interaction. Prints will also be made available. My plan is to show how this semester helped develop a new direction for my thinking in respect to my capstone and dissertation, and how I will capture my impassion for this new found subject.

I do not necessarily need anything, but an opportunity to create it.

In an email to Nancy Evans, my major professor today:
“While I was perusing my facebook information yesterday — I recognized that I was still the administrator for the stop the hate group at Iowa State and I was excited to see it. I updated the information, and then started dreaming about what I should be doing — which would not only make a difference to me — it would make a difference to a whole lot of people.

I was thinking that I could do one of the following:

  • work with Stop The Hate program to update information, the manual, website, etc. Assess how the program has impacted the trainers trained, and the campus environments. Develop nationwide networks on the respective social sites: facebook, myspace, etc. This would include working with the staff from the various partners:
  • work with Vernon Wall and Jamie Washington on assessing their program: Social Justice Training Institute
  • help you and the other professionals who are doing the social justice ally training in June 2008 (Penny mentioned this project)

I really would like to talk with you about this new direction and see what you think.”