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The Rise of the New Groupthink –

The Rise of the New Groupthink – Interesting information… very interesting.

Chapter 4 Rewrite Time

I am pretty excited – Nancy Evans was able to get my chapter 4 back to me – and with some better transitioning, and additional information – I will get this chapter wrapped up.  Then, onto Chapter 5.  Thanks everyone for your help, support and encouragement.

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Bestler Presentation at NACA Mid-America Conference

I had the honor of serving as a featured speaker at the National Association for Campus Activities (NACA) Mid-America Conference on November 11, 2011 in Covington, KY with over 700 student and student affairs professionals in attendance. The people who participated in the discussion, and questions helped to inspire me to finish up my dissertation. …

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excited for NACA!

I am really excited for my presentation at NACA Mid-America Conference NACA Presentation: Exploring the effect of addressing social injustices as a student affairs professional [PDF]

September 11, 2011

I avoided every minute of news today… every word every story – until I came upon: The stories were -= personal and about love… and loss: When Richie Pecorella met Karen Juday, she captured his heart and changed his life. They were engaged and living together in Brooklyn when Karen was killed in the …

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Chapter 4

Chapter 4 is one of the hardest things to capture in writing.  I have recorded my own story – along with stories from a few of my old higher education friends.  I say it is difficult because – reading and re-reading my own words – is difficult.  I have a tendency to relive each moment.  …

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Next phase: Let the writing begin!

I had a wonderful meeting with my POS committee this past Monday. The faculty were very helpful in giving me suggestions on how to make my research even better than my proposal.  I am working on the following: Epistemology: Subjectivism – using this instead of constructivism – I seem to have partnered with constructivism – …

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Presentation: Dissertation Proposal

Proposal is ready to go… I am going to Be OK!

I am excited to share that my dissertation proposal is finally available for my POS committee.  It is available here: