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Chapter 4

Chapter 4 is one of the hardest things to capture in writing.  I have recorded my own story – along with stories from a few of my old higher education friends.  I say it is difficult because – reading and re-reading my own words – is difficult.  I have a tendency to relive each moment.  …

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Next phase: Let the writing begin!

I had a wonderful meeting with my POS committee this past Monday. The faculty were very helpful in giving me suggestions on how to make my research even better than my proposal.  I am working on the following: Epistemology: Subjectivism – using this instead of constructivism – I seem to have partnered with constructivism – …

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Presentation: Dissertation Proposal

Proposal is ready to go… I am going to Be OK!

I am excited to share that my dissertation proposal is finally available for my POS committee.  It is available here:

Dobermans playing…

One EskimO – Astronaut

This is one of those songs that help me get my writing done!

The start of a new blog

Here I go… I am starting a new blog space for me to let everyone in the world know what I am doing, where am I going, and more… How do I say this? who knows what will happen a year from now, and I have to be okay with it. I do know I …

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