YouTube – Did You Know 4.0

What an amazing day it is for me!

One of the many things I do with my job is work with technology with Scott McLeod (supervisor/colleague/friend).
Last fall, Scott asked me to do some research for a new version of a big video (Did You Know 2.0) he and Karl Fisch did with the amazing talent of xplanevisualthinking.

Of course, I took the opportunity.

I am pretty excited, as this one was going to be premiered at a big conference with The Economist Media Convergence Conference in October ( – and xplanevisualthinking also put it up on YouTube for people to start viewing – literally about 15 minutes ago – it has already had almost 500 people view it.

Did You Know 4.0 – released Monday, September 14, 2009

The original Did You Know 2.0 has almost 20 million hits/viewers

Needless to say, I am very excited and nervous to have my name attached to something so amazing.
I am honored to have worked with Scott McLeod and Karl Fisch on this project.
Karl Fisch gives me kudos in his blog:
Scott McLeod in his blog: